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Wordpress Tuning

WordPress solutions sometimes get slow due to poor maintenance and lack of knowledge from the average WordPress Administrators. With that in mind, we created a service that cracks these type of problems.

Wordpress Based Services

Wordpress is a ready to go solution for a vast internet based services, however there are some traps that are easy to fall into, such as:

  • Installing a variety of plugins to add more functionality to the site, but it also can bring performance issues.
  • Ignoring updates for plugins, themes or WordPress, that can lead to exploitable service.
  • Making updates to the live website, which sometimes can bring the entire site down.
  • Adding customizations that break or are overridden as soon as you update the theme.
  • Using Default settings.
  • Using shared VPS.

To help you solve this common mistakes we created a service that helps WordPress owners solving all these problems.

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