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We do it better. Together.

People are our power. We have a flat work environment with an open culture, where we grow stronger by joining everyone’s skills and knowledge.

// Our Secret

At Mosano we aim for cooperative, dynamic and high-motivated people.

We’re always looking for enthusiastic people who can speak their mind and teach us something new. If you want to be part of a team where you are expected to expand your knowledge, quickly integrate new projects, communicate with clients and partners, and embrace challenges as a team you’re at the right place.
// Our Benefits

Our team’s satisfaction is top priority.

The best work happens because of happy people. We strive to keep our people happy by looking out for their interests.
Mosano Benefit - Casual Workplace

Casual Workplace

Professional doesn’t mean restrictive. This goes way beyond casual wardrobe, including energy breaks, background music and lots of shared laughs.

Mosano Benefit - Speak your mind

Speak your mind

There’s no room for hierarchical procedures at our place. We promote everyone’s involvement in the decision-making processes, so that everyone has a say.

Mosano Benefit - Grow fast

Grow fast

The boring days are a thing of the past! Being part of a startup is challenging, that’s a fact. But it also comes with the opportunity to learn new skills in a fast paced environment.

Mosano Benefit - Top-notch equipment

Top-notch equipment

We provide everyone all the tools they need to craft exceptional work. This includes a brand new kick-ass laptop with all the needed accessories as well as any other perk to get everyone going.

Mosano Benefit - 40 hour work week policy

40 hour work week policy

We value each other’s personal life, therefore there are no extra hours, or demand for more than 40 hours a week.

Mosano Benefit - Flexible hours

Flexible hours

We don’t work on a fixed schedule, people are allowed to enter and leave the company at the time that suits their best interests.

Mosano Benefit - Work worldwide

Work worldwide

We collaborate remotely with international companies, ranging from the USA to Hong Kong.

Mosano Benefit - Water, coffee, tea and snacks

Water, coffee, tea and snacks

In our office we have water, coffee, tea, fruit and some other snacks at disposition.

// Our Openings

Build your career at Mosano

Join our team and work on cutting edge projects that push the boundaries of technology.

Cloud/Aws Engineer

Remote, Full-Time

UI/UX - Designer

Remote, Full-Time

Frontend Developer

Remote, Full-Time

Senior Backend Engineer

Remote, Full-Time

FullStack Developer

Remote, Full-Time

React/React-Native Developer

Remote, Full-Time

Tech Project Manager

Remote, Full-Time

Can’t find what you are looking for?

Maybe we need you and we don’t know it yet. Apply below if you think that’s the case and we’ll get back to you.


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