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A team of problem solvers united by the pursuit of meaningful digital experiences.

We are passionate about everything we do. We embrace and promote everyone’s expertise so that each one of us can be a mentor to someone. We all join forces to deliver the best experiences.

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Our workspace is actively shaped by the ones who show up day after day with their singularity and special humor. Meet our fantastic and unique elements that together turn ideas into reality.

Despite having formation in classical music, he somehow still managed to wind up in the extreme music realm, and is an avid festivals atendee. You can find him travelling abroad, playing games, musical intruments and twisty puzzles. A technology aficionado, he'll still have time to give non-sensical answers to the matters of life, the universe, and everything!

Full Stack Developer


Alexandre is just another traveller in this cosmic journey we call life, who happens to love programming and most computer-related topics. He is always striving to deliver the best possible results that he can achieve. On the personal side, he is a skiing aficionado, a video games enthusiast and thinks of himself as the company's best Kart driver until proven otherwise.

Full Stack Developer


A fierce fan of F.C. Porto, Couto is a full-stack developer that strives to deliver quality code. While he loves playing video games as well as watching movies and TV series, he always seems to find the time to read a book. He's also a music enthusiast, constantly discovering new artists.

Full Stack Developer


With a background in psychology, Ana has always been puzzled by the way people behave and the whys attached to it. A lover of a good thriller and psychological drama, she loves to snuggle in bed but never misses a chance to stretch at yoga classes. You can also find her working with animals and fighting for gender equality and LGBT rights.

UX/UI Designer


Michael thinks of himself as a Creative Technologist - someone who connects media, data and business goals in a way that benefits everyone involved. With a background in interactive marketing, Michael is a big fan of curating videos as a VJ, partnering with DJs in NYC and Europe. Musically, he enjoys indie soul, chill hop, disco… and girly pop when he is exercising.

VixTape Cofounder / Partner / Business Developer


Romano has a universal taste in music, from classical to reggaeton. Loves a good old typed language sprinkled with modern features. He is the company’s best tennis player and, in his opinion, money is best spent on quality food. You can find him lifting at the gym most of the time.

Full Stack Developer


Musically ignorant but not musically inept, keyboards of all kinds appeal to him. He can play the piano but is hesitant to show off his skills to anyone. That shyness must be why he’d also rather be working out a pushblock puzzle somewhere out back than working on the frontend. Currently at 18 wins in Tetris 99.

Full Stack Developer


José is driven by the curiosity of understanding the world around him. He has two major passions in life: music and software. While he used to be a music producer and rapper, the past few years have been focused on software development... so the mic drops have been replaced by keyboard drops.

Cofounder / CTO / Lead Developer


Ricardo is an e-commerce-aholic who often gets lost analyzing current trends and new features released. He likes to connect with people all over the globe, whether it comes to business, culture enrichment or simply hanging out and have a great time. Sports enthusiastic, he hits the gym 4 to 5 times a week and does not skip leg day.

Account Manager


Nelson is a hands-on person who likes to help everyone as best he can. As a proud Benfica Fan, Nelson often preaches the glory of Benfica to his peers and tries to convert the "lost souls" who prefer F.C. Porto. Besides football, Nelson also enjoys running, karate, tai chi, cinema and socializing.

Cofounder / COO / Business Developer


Miguel is Romano’s number one fan and is still trying to understand how José was once a legendary rapper. When asked about his personal traits and hobbies, Miguel can’t seem to find the right words. If you want to know more about him you can ask, but beware, it's going to be quite a monologue.

Backend Developer


Simply put, a geek passionate about solving complex problems, and also simpler ones. Always aspiring for perfection and thriving to innovate through technology, and therefore, just making life hard for his colleagues.

Cofounder / CTO / Lead Developer


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