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Portugal, Switzerland

Live Project

// Health Care


W.AI-DI is a virtual assistant designed to improve the treatment of Diabetes. It combines medical knowledge and cognitive computing into an Artificial Intelligence program capable of interacting in natural language and supporting physicians in evidence-based decision making.


W.AI-DI's team was in need of a reliable Tech partner that could help them re-design the existing Web Application, and improve the integration with IBM Watson since the W.AI-DI app at the time was preventing them from going to the market. Mosano was challenged to improve the overall look and feel of the web application while re-engineering the integration with IBM powered AI Bot, and adding new features.

W-AI.DI Dashboard by Mosano


Mosano assembled a team that started working on the UI/UX of the website, conducting interviews with stakeholders to understand how they would interact with this kind of application. And then the Design team presented all the technical solutions to improve the design and usability. Then Mosano focused on software engineering and started working on a progressive web application (PWA) with a serverless backend.


Mosano developed a serverless platform that integrates with Watson Bot from IBM, which allows medical doctors to interact with the AI-powered bot, and get a treatment approach for each specific patient.


AWS Lambda, Serverless, Gitlab CI-CD, ReactJS, Gatsby, GraphQL, NodeJS

W-AI.DI mobile App by Mosano

Future Plans

The W.AI-DI web application was the start of the long-lasting relationship with Mundipharma and W.AI-DI's team. While many more features will come. The next goal is to integrate W.AI-DI with a well know medical mobile application.