The origins

Mosano's second "office"

Mosano started officially back in August 2017 when Nelson had a wild idea that would become one of Mosano's big projects (RealtimeAds, now Diffuse.TV ). To be absolutely honest 2017 was really not extremely exciting, the company was small, and as they say "Rome wasn't built in a day" and for sure there was a lot of groundwork to be done before moving to the higher leagues. We don't even have a photo of our first "office" since it was just a desk 😄. So here's a picture of the second one, which was no more than a small room with a couple of desks cluttering it.

How the journey began

It was 2018 and the wheels were set in motion, Mosano was still rather small but in early 2018 things started to change, and fast. During the first quarter of 2018, the amount of work was so much that there was no other option, we had to grow the team, and we had no idea what a ride it would be.

In a couple of months, the team grew from 4 people to 7 people and it was not going to stop there. We temporarily had to split the team into two different rooms since being a single room would not even be possible.

However, it was not going to stop there, soon the team was 10, then 12, and in the process, we moved to a larger space, making sure everyone was comfortable in their working space and could be at their best.

mosano's office

At last for the celebration of year 3...

The incredible journey keeps on going on each project the team embraces and every win celebrated. Sure, this all sounds like a fairy tale but what I on purpose forgot to mention was the challenges, pains, and struggles that we faced over the course of these 3 years and still do. As a team and company, we are now much more mature. As we look back at where we came from, the growth, how much we learned from all the mistakes, and the importance that a supporting community played on getting here, for that reason, we decided its time to give back!

Yes, we are still a small team with limited resources but what we can provide is our talent and sweat, therefore, we will be building a brand new, custom-made, top-notch website for NO COST.

Free? What's the catch?

Well, yeah, since its free, there's a catch, but in my opinion, it is a good one, and it can be described in a few ground rules:

  1. Only Non-profit and NGOs are eligible - we want to support those how are putting their effort into making the world, our world, a better place.
  2. Organizations dedicated to social causes - this is not a super hard requirement but we also want to pick an organization that we identify ourselves with, for that reason, we are looking towards social causes: animal rights, human rights, environmental, etc..
  3. Applications open until 20th September
  4. Announcement on the 24th of September

How to apply?

Apply via email

Just let us know who you are and shortly describe your mission. We'll get back to you!